neon space moon.

neon space moon is a project site that will house both photography series and projects as they are created.

neon is an organic light source, a noble gas, and an air element that brings vibrance and a glow to it's atmosphere.

space is the opportunity to create and share freely within any environment.

moon is the glowing future; the possibility; the unlimited natural resource that we have yet to explore.

awakening is a series of five photos that show my growth over a two year period; essentially where I left off five years prior with my style of photography and how I expressed the 'extra' in what I saw.  this series takes the viewer through the journey of how i shifted my focus to displaying the augmented dream world in which i see into digital form. 

awakening phase 1, realization.

the world is different.  but i am the same.  i am the same as i was yesterday and yesteryear.  it is time for change.

floating by the gate.  December, 2015 | itsukushima | japan

awakening phase 2, change.

change from within is necessary.  magic is within.  within magic, there is happiness.

magic down under.  April, 2017 | sydney | australia

awakening phase 3, connectedness.

in order to change the way one feels the world needs to be changed, connectivity to the consciousness is a necessity.

lifeforce grotto.  May, 2017 | port campbell | australia

awakening phase 4, synchronicity.

consciousness is expanding.  the nods of the universe are being noticed. clarity is taking shape.

hengefire.  September, 2017 | amesbury | united kingdom

awakening phase 5, consciousness.

fear has been released.  a new direction is in flight.  i am different than i was yesterday.

vortex hunter.  November, 2017 | sedona | arizona