Video&Sound_Week Two Group Assignment & Reflection

I worked FenFen Chen and Hayk Mikavelyan to create a Soundwalk that explores the North Side of the Tisch building, that we wouldn’t in normal circumstances come across in our day-to-day egress to ITP. We were inspired by not really knowing what departments are on that side of the building and our general interest to understand the building and who is there.

We met several times within the last two weeks to document ideas, create an arc and structure, record audio, and use Adobe Audition to piece it all together and upload to Soundcloud.

This project was challenging for several reasons, but was a good experience overall. My background in organization came in handy for structuring out the arc and plan to record audio in the field as well as the narrative. During our field recordings we found some holes in our storyboard and improvised by capturing additional audio than what was originally planned.

We realized that we hadn’t included an accessibility option in one of the first edits, but quickly incorporated during our narrative recordings, accommodating those who would not be able to run down a flight of stairs to the floors within the building.

Learning the basics of Adobe Audition was not too difficult - however, I found that putting the clips together was quite tedious and time consuming. With heavy editing we managed to hit the limit at 5 minutes exactly.

If you want to get the full experience, go to outside of Tisch and press play next to the entrance of the building.