Week 3_Audio Piece Reflections & Video Storyboarding

I found that our Sound project was quite ambitious to fit into the 5 minutes and we rushed too much into the experience. This caused a ton of confusion and some frustration from our participants. Due to the delay with the elevators and the fact that we didn’t allow enough time to fully experience the wait, our infomercial-esque experience of the Other Side of Tisch was a bit inconsistent. Some folks made it though and others got impatient and took an alternate route, resulting in feeling displaced from the mission of the experience. The feedback from the group was very weighted on challenges of the experience, however there were great remarks regarding the quality of the sound!


For this project, I was paired up with Brent Baily and Veronica Alfaro to create a video piece for our final project. We decided to go with an infomercial-type style video and chose to focus on the Wellness Center at NYU with a satyrical view of the stressed-out ITP student.

We want to start with a number of horror movie shot homages detailing various stressors and unpleasant parts of being at ITP/at NYU grad school in general. Using a horror movie voiceover, talk about feeling trapped (long zoom shot of someone looking terrified in the 12th floor hallway, constant sleeping (shakycam catching someone sleeping on the floor), insomnia (vertigo-style closeup of somebody terrified in bed), constant distraction (shot of the back of someone's head in front of a screen, using sonic cues to show distraction, then cut to a clock moving rapidly), overeating (violent closeup of someone chowing down on a slice of pizza), fidgeting (sped up shot of someone's eye twitching, general fidgeting), culminating in being cold (shot of someone on the floor frozen like Jack in the Shining). We then cut to the wellness center - warmly lit, peaceful music, and list its services and benefits in a peaceful voice (mindfulness, therapy, etc.). Storyboard can be found here.