Weeks Two - Five | 2D Animation

For weeks two-five I worked in a team of 3 with Jacky Chen and Jasper Wang. We met early on after the assignment was given (possibly right after class) and discussed building out a story line to personify sporting equipment and make a story arc around the characters interacting. We agreed to think about it and reconvene the next day or so when we had time to plan.

On the second meeting, we transitioned to transportation and built out a story arc for two bicycles (nameless) to connect, go for a ride together as friends, then have tragedy happen with one of them falling off of a cliff and being picked up by an alien and resurrected into a motorcycle and what would possibly happen after that. Below are the pages from our storyboard.

We agreed on this storyline and decided to move forward with light character development and asset finds. We settled on using bicycles that Jasper found on Pinterest and UFO’s and backgrounds that I found on freepik.com. We then prepared the assets and backgrounds with layers for Animation.

I then created a scene list and how the scenes would be broken up. Jasper happened to have come from a background in Animation so wanted to do the bulk of the animation work. I wanted some experience so I did the yellow, and split up the rest between Jasper and Jacky, with Jasper doing the green and Jacky doing the Blue.

Once all the scenes were completed in Adobe After Effects, and submitted into our shared Google Drive folder, I arranged them in Adobe Premier and found a few sound clips using Youtube Sounds. I designed the titles in Adobe Illustrator, and cut the entire arrangement together for our presentation.

Collaboration was difficult with this group, but given the circumstances, I’m happy with what was delivered in the end.