Week Six - Unreal Engine

This week we learned how to animate a 3d character using Adobe Fuse and Unreal Engine by Epic games.

First the character was created in Fuse. I designed a warrior not to be messed with who really enjoys the samba. Next I exported the file to Miximo to create an animation of the warrior doing samba, walking, and jumping.

In class, we learned how to use Unreal Engine and I created a world (or house and lawn) in a fantastical dystopian future where it does not seem so bad — at least with the mixed use of materials for a home in a land that is bare of trees. Our warrior enjoys the samba as she dances into her newly built home and the camera follows her around.

This project was quick but fun - I enjoy building out worlds and this was reminiscent of my time in architecture school in building out environments. This time physics didn’t really matter.

I had a really tough time exporting the video so screen grabbed the rendering of the camera view. I deleted all extra cameras yet still was met with a weird angle of the underworld for the entirety of the sequence frame. I took the file cut some audio and title sequences in Adobe Premier and uploaded to Youtube.